Model Railway 3D Printing Project Update from September 1st  2018. This video is the next in a new weekly series where we take a look at the Trackside 3D progress from the past week. This video features a competition. The video shows some of the 3D printed projects on the layout, looks at some of the prototypes and R&D from the week. Find out about upcoming FREE objects you can download from our Thingiverse page and what upcoming products are on the way.

This video features:

  • Upcoming releases
  • Small Equipment Boxes
  • Station Retaining Walls
  • OHLE Balance Weights
  • Level Crossing Gates
  • Competition Update
  • New Competition Hints
  • Quick Look at Next weeks projects

If you don't have a 3D printer but would like our point machines or other Trackside 3D products, please visit Smart Models at:

Model Railway 3D Printiing Update - September 1st 2018